So in this blog it's about getting Hanze mail into a mail client. So basically if you are no student or teacher at Hanze Hogeschool this post is not for you :). For those who are still reading, you might have noticed that there is no standard way to get mail into a mail client. This post will show you how to get the mail into a mail client. To bad you can't send mail from it that still has to be done via webmail.

I'm not going to describe all the different clients here since I only use Thunderbird and Empathy. The settings for the mail client are:

Servertype: Imap Servername: Port: 993 (default for IMAP) username: security: SSL/TLS ( if you can choose one pick SSL) authentication: normal password E-mail adress: your email adres ( for students) Outgoing server: use one of another mailing account.

This will also work on mobile phones.

If anyone has things to add or is confused please reply