First of all yes I am happy that I passed my first year. But that is not what this post is about or maybe its a little bit about it.

<!--more-->This post is about those who think getting the propaedeutics is a big thing. In case the translation to English in the Netherlands, propedeuse is a propaedeutic diploma issued after the first year of studies, often referred to as "P" by students. I want to point out that its nothing more then passing the FIRST year of your study. Its for most students nothing more then going to college and paying attention. But apparently some think its something hard and something of a bonus thing to do. It is not. It's something you should get in your first year and thats it. Why do people take 2 or 3 years to get the P instead of getting it over with?

In my case it wasn't a hard thing to get, since I had some exemptions I was able to get it in 3 quarters instead of 4. What I would like to know is why someone would take so long to get the P or even finish the study I don't think it's the difficulty of the study if you need more then the given number of years.