So it has been quite here for a while. That's because I haven't had time to blog or when I had time there was no inspiration to blog.

So what have I been bussy with:

  • Getting back to school and getting used to the ritme, not much to talk about there
  • Started with the HonoursProgram and got my first project assigned, will talk about that later.
  • Trying multiple Linux distro's also will talk more about this later.
  • Trying to get some work for my business

<!--more-->The honours program

So I have started the honours program this year. We started with getting a DISC assessment of which the results will come in soon. After that we got projects assigned. The first project was a project for THIALF and basically was about getting the data from the skaters visible in diagrams. This is not the project I am working on. The project I am working on is CAVE, Computer Aided Virtual Environment, the goal is to create an environment where demented elderly can relive memory's. More on this project in later blogs


I have been trying to make the switch to Linux and opensource software for a while now. I have tried Ubuntu but couldn't get satisfied with the interface. After that I tried Debian which I liked but thought it was to slow. After that I tried Mandriva and Linuxmint. Those two I realy liked but I went for Linuxmint since it's so similar to Debian but alot lighter.


So thats it for today hope to have more soon