In this post I'll explain how to get mp3's as notification or sms tone on an andriod phone. This is a relative easy and fast job but just one you need to know.<!--more-->

First you connect your Android phone to your pc and set it to diskdrive mode. This allows you to browse the files on your sd card. 1. Now you go to the Sd card. 2. Search for a folder named Media. 2a. no folder Media create it and in it create the following folders: Alarms, Notifications and Ringtones. 3. Enter the Media folder 4. Enter the  Notifications Folder 5. Copy the Mp3 you want to use as notification/sms tone here 6. Disconnect your phone from the pc 7. Go to messages on the phone. 8. Press the menu button and go to the settings page. 9. go to notifications 10. click notification sound. 11. scroll and find the Mp3 select it and click apply, if it's not there try to reboot the phone and start again from step 7.

Now you should hear the Mp3 when ever you get a text message.