After posting the how to for getting hanze mail in a mail client I recieved a lot of comments on how to do this in windows live mail. So here is the how to to get Hanze mail in windows live mail 2011.

  1. go to the accounts window, options button left side top of the window-> options-> email accounts
  2. press the add button
  3. Select E-mail account.
  4.  fill in your hanze mail adres, i.e., your password, your real name and select the manual server configuration box.
  5. now you will see the serverconfiguration screen. This screen looks complicated but I'll try to talk you through it.
    1. set the servertype select box to IMAP
    2. bellow the servertype selectbox fill in as server adress
    3. set port number to 993
    4. Select the secure connection(SSL) select box
    5. Select password verification in the verification select box
    6. fill in your username which is not the same as your email adress. For students this is the student number and for teachers the 4 letter code.
    7. on the righthand side of the screen is the part for outgoing mail. Set this to the out going mail server of your internet provider for example ziggo uses on port 2
    press next and there you have it.