So I have been talking about the Cave project a while ago. And I promised to give more information about it, in this post I will tell a little bit more about the project and the outcome.

Let me start with saying that we didn't get to the point where we wanted to be. In the beginning of the project the plans where big and expectations high. The project was about creating a room for dementing elders to relive and re-experience past events and memories to help them become calmer and hopefully help to slow down the loss of intelectual capacity. The Cave, computer aided virtual enviroment, was supposed to work with video, audio, light, sent and more to help them relive those events.

Since I already told you that we didn't get to that point what did we do? Well we created a base for the next project group to work with. We searched for the hardware and software and figured out how to make it work. We have written plans and recommendations and build a skelleton for the next group to work with. We all feel sad because we didn't get to work with all the hardware and cool stuff, but this is how it works in real life and I'm proud of what we did.

So why did we not get to the point where we wanted to be? Well first of all communication was a problem. None of us had ever worked for a real contracter before and we didn't know how to get information when we needed that. We have been waiting for nearly 5 weeks before we figured out that we should just go instead of wait for info and do nothing. This gave us the freedom to do what we do best, improvise. This resulted in us creating something which is to form a base for the Cave project. We sure hope it's going to get somewhere soon.