The Honours weekend

This weekend the IT students and alumni participated in a hackaton like weekend. A weekend filled with fun, drinks, programming, presentations and more. In this post, which will be updated during the weekend I'll try to capture the vibe we have here on the island called Terschelling.

This post is work in progress and will be updated multiple times this weekend.

The Location

One of our sponsors offered us the location namely Hotel De Walvisvaarder on Terschelling. They kindly offered us the rooms and meals to use. This beautiful location on the Island of Terschelling. This is one of the island in the Netherlands.

The program

To have some guideline on what would happen during the weekend the guys organizing it created a program. The program started on Friday the 13th at 09:55 with the departure of the boat and during the rest of the day presentations were planned as well as the pitching of some idea's. Friday night after diner teams formed and the hacking started, more on that later.

On Saturday one more presentation interrupted the work-flow, even though this presentation was on the subject of work-flows namely agile working. The rest of the day was filled with programming, hacking, games and other stuf which happens when you put 16 programmers in one room.

The Projects